Planning Your Visit

At Connecticut Children’s, providing the best possible care begins before your child even enters one of our facilities. Get acquainted with our facility and know what to expect before you arrive.

Amenities and Services

Whether just a few hours or a longer stay, make your visit comfortable with the amenities inside our facilities and nearby. Learn more about where to eat, where to find the ATM, where to stay, and other amenities and services available at our Hartford Campus.

Who’s Who on Your Care Team

During your child’s visit, you’ll meet many members of the care team, including attending doctors, residents and nurses. Get a better understanding of the role each member will play in your child’s care.

Getting Ready for Surgery

Connecticut Children’s offers a family-friendly surgical environment designed to keep patients and family at ease, including pre-surgery tours and play areas for kids. Access our resources to help prepare you and your child for surgery at Connecticut Children’s.

Locations and Directions

Your child’s visit will be scheduled at one of several Connecticut Children’s locations. Get directions to the facility you will be visiting.

What to Expect—Picture Stories

To help your child prepare for his/her visit, we have created special picture stories that can teach your child what to expect.