One bright October weekend, 9-year-old Ellie McOmber was flying high on a friend’s swing set. The next minute, she was falling. She fell from a height of about seven feet and landed on her side, fracturing her arm just below the shoulder…

Walk-in orthopedic care when they need it, where you need it.

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It was a Saturday, so her primary care pediatrician was not an option. Luckily, Connecticut Children’s after-hours Pediatric Urgent Care was. The Farmington clinic is open Monday to Friday 3-11 pm, and weekends 9 am-9 pm.

The fall had scared Ellie, but when she arrived at Pediatric Urgent Care, she brightened. Just three days earlier, she’d visited her Connecticut Children’s ophthalmologist in the same building. She happily pointed out the sign to her mom, Kate.

“Our kids see the Connecticut Children’s logo and know it’s a place that makes them feel better,” says Kate. Things were going to be okay.

Home within an hour

Ellie, who has Down syndrome, has lots of friends at Connecticut Children’s. In addition to Ophthalmology, she’s seen specialists in the divisions of Cardiology, Ear, Nose & Throat, Orthopedics and Physical Therapy. Her dad, Evan, runs the Raytheon Technologies Family Resource Center, which hosts fun activities for patients at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. (Needless to say, all three of the McOmber kids – Ellie, Dean and Lila – love visiting dad at work.)

At Pediatric Urgent Care that Saturday, Ellie got the same compassionate, kid-friendly care she’s used to. Radiologic technologist Rosanne Gowdy, MA, quickly put her at ease as she welcomed her into an exam room and took X-rays.

“Everyone comes in with that level of warmth. That’s so important,” says Kate. “They were wonderful.”

They were also fast. A board-certified expert read Ellie’s X-rays while they waited, and the team fitted her with a brace and sling in no time.

“We’d been thinking, oh my goodness, we’re going to wind up at the hospital for X-rays,” says Kate. “Instead, we were home within an hour.”

Ellie smiling

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Walk-in – literally

A few days later, Ellie’s arm still seemed to be bothering her, and Kate and Evan decided to check in with a pediatric orthopedics expert. When needed, Connecticut Children’s Pediatric Urgent Care can schedule next-day follow-up appointments in most of our 30-plus specialties, including orthopedics – something no other pediatric urgent care in the state can offer. As it happened, Ellie didn’t even need an appointment, because she came to the Glastonbury walk-in orthopedics clinic.

“We literally just walked in,’” says Kate. “We didn’t have to wait.” After a new set of X-rays, Sarah Florence, PA, confirmed that Ellie was on track with her sling and brace.

Sure enough, within a month, Ellie’s arm had fully healed. “She’s all better,” says Kate. “She’s back to herself, back to yoga and all her activities.”

Meanwhile, Connecticut Children’s Pediatric Urgent Care has become one of the family’s go-to destinations – they’re “frequent fliers,” says Kate. When 2-year-old Lila recently spiked a fever late at night, they made a beeline to Farmington once again. This time, the nurse kicked off the visit by presenting Lila with stickers from Disney’s “Frozen.” It was a hit.

It turned out that Lila’s fever was nothing serious. After-hours care had saved the family another trip to the hospital – and saved Kate and Evan’s peace of mind, too.

“We are really very thankful that Connecticut Children’s offers pediatric urgent care,” says Kate. “As parents, it makes us worry just a little bit less. Anytime something happens after hours, we know where to go.”