Here’s a familiar scene: Your pediatrician’s office just closed for the day when you discover your child has a mysterious rash, twisted ankle, fever or another health surprise. This doesn’t quite call for a trip to the hospital, but your child needs care. What do you do?

Now, you can visit the pediatric experts you already know and trust, in a setting designed to make kids comfortable (and your life easier): Connecticut Children’s Urgent Care center, located in Farmington.

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No one plans for urgent care – but when you need it, Connecticut Children’s makes it easy.

We’ll get your child in, out and back to healthy.

  • Connecticut Children’s Urgent Care clinic offers full-service urgent care on evenings and weekends. This includes X-rays, tests and labs.
  • All of our services are provided by board-certified pediatric specialists who are part of our nationally-recognized health system. In other words, your child will get hospital-grade pediatric care, minus the hospital.
  • Our tech tools make your visit a breeze. Use “Save My Spot” to reserve your place in line using your mobile device before you’ve even left home. Once you’ve arrived, check in via your phone or our welcome kiosk, and use MyChart for lots more features, like 24/7 access to your child’s health records.
  • Our Safe and Sound program is designed to meet or exceed the highest safety standards, protecting you and your child from COVID-19 every step of the way.

Need follow-up care? We guarantee next-day appointments for most of our specialties.

  • When you come to Connecticut Children’s Urgent Care, your child is instantly connected to our vast network of more than 1,000 pediatric specialists.
  • We provide more than 30 pediatric specialties – and we guarantee next-day follow-up appointments for most of them. This includes via Video Visit, when appropriate.
  • We’re a trusted partner for pediatric practices throughout the region. We’ll work closely with you and your child’s regular pediatrician to coordinate care, so everyone’s on the same page.

During normal office hours, call your pediatrician. After hours, count on us.

Your child’s primary care pediatrician knows them best, and should be your first phone call during office hours for most injuries or illnesses.

But when your pediatrician isn’t available and your child needs after-hours care, Connecticut Children’s Urgent Care clinic is right down the road.


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Billing considerations when visiting Urgent Care

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