Anxiety. Eating disorders. Suicidal thoughts. Uncontrollable aggression. No matter what your child or family may be dealing with, it’s important to remember that you are not alone – and that there are resources to help.

Here’s who to contact for information and support.

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In a Crisis

Call 911 if you feel your child is in crisis, actively suicidal, or a danger to themselves or others.

Call 211 (Connecticut only) for emergency or crisis support in Connecticut.

  • Mobile crisis intervention services are available 24/7.
  • This includes having a clinician come to your home, if needed.

Call or text the National Suicide Prevention Life Line.

  • Call 1.800.273.8255 or text “HOME” to 741741.
  • Available anywhere, anytime.
  • A live crisis counselor will help your child move from a hot moment to a cool moment, addressing anxiety, depression, school issues, feelings of isolation, emotional abuse, and thoughts about suicide.

Everyday Support

Behavioral health is about your child’s overall well-being, both body and mind. It includes everything from mental health to a safe home to healthy eating and exercise habits.

No matter what your child is struggling with – social problems, mental health, a learning disability, family disruptions, or any other challenge – support is available.

For help finding services for your child, contact Connecticut Children’s Center for Care Coordination.

  • Call 860.837.6200 or email center [at] (center[at]connecticutchildrens[dot]org).
  • Learn about and connect with behavioral health providers in the community.
  • Get help navigating medical, educational, legal, advocacy and social services; tapping into community resources and supports; and more.
  • Services are free to all families with children up to age 21.

Reach out to your child’s pediatrician, school counselor or insurance provider.

  • They can point you toward an appropriate therapist or counselor for your child.

Get support on your child’s health journey right at Connecticut Children’s.

  • If your child is a patient of certain specialties at Connecticut Children’s, the Division of Pediatric Psychology can provide behavioral health services right at their medical visits.
  • The Psychology team provides support for children, teens, and young adults with medical illnesses that require coordinated, co-managed care from both physicians and mental health clinicians.

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