Every age, and each stage, is a blessing, and sometimes a battle with our kids. Especially when they’re sick, or going through “something” health related that parents just. cannot. figure. out. Luckily, Connecticut Children's is the #1 authority in decoding illnesses, ailments and conditions for each age.  

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In the womb (fetal care)


Need a Fetal Echocardiogram? Here's What to Expect.

Did your doctor tell you your developing baby might be at risk of a heart condition? If so, your next step is a visit to the fetal cardiologist so the care your baby needs can begin in the womb. 

Beyond Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation (CPAM): Elisabeth's Story

Mom and Dad learned that their baby had a cyst growing on her lung. It was already starting to impact her heart. Approximately 15 minutes from their home, their baby would receive fetal care that was once beyond imagination.

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In your newborn

Dr. Lapuk with a patient

My Baby Has a Heart Murmur. Now, What?

Don’t panic—heart murmurs are common in 3 out of every 4 kids and usually nothing to worry about. Take it from our pediatric cardiology team.

Newborn baby screaming head off with colic.

Colic, Colic, Go Away! How to Survive the Constant Crying

“Give me a dose of Vitamin Colic,” said no sleep-deprived parent ever. Is your constantly crying baby really in distress? Will it ever stop? Take a breather and let’s brave this storm together. 

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In your infant

Baby on their belly

Help! What's Up With My Baby's Head Shape?

Babies come in all shapes and sizes—and believe it or not, so do their heads. Our neurosurgery team addresses 5 things parents should know about baby head shapes.

Mom holding thermometer next to infant on floor

Fever: To Worry, or Not To Worry?

100.4 degrees and climbing—103.5! Why is your baby’s fever so high, and does the exact temperature matter? Do you need to chase it down with fever reducers? Help is on the way—head over to the blog. 

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In your toddler

Toddler boy rubs right ear with hand

Chronic Ear Infections: Could Ear Tubes Be the Answer?

Infection after infection, and you and your child are spinning wheels with antibiotic after antibiotic. It might be time to strongly consider ear tubes. Here’s what parents need to know about them. 

Sick toddler girl in bed with teddy bear

HFMD, Strep Throat and More

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) can run rampant in toddlers, kids and sometimes adults, especially from being in classrooms.  Same with strep throat. “Yuck” is right. Head over to this blog to see what's (probably) going around and what to do, if anything.

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In your child

Mom helping sick daughter blow nose in bed

6 Things to Expect if Your Child Has the Flu

The flu is not pleasant, but it’s here to stay every year. Expect these 6 less-than-ideal things to happen, and know when to seek care. (And please get vaccinated.) 

Girl with stomach pains on couch

Tummy Troubles: Nerves, or Something Else?

“My tummy hurts!” What gives? Is your child nervous or anxious, or is there something else going on that warrants a visit to the doctor? Our psychogastroenterology team has answers. 

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In your teen


Could it be SAD? Check on Your Child's Mental Health.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more than just the blues. It’s a form of depression that follows a seasonal pattern. If you’ve noticed a change in your teen, here are some things to watch out for and ways to help.

Young women holding a pencil

Is Your Teen Asking their Doctor these 24 Questions?

The more confident your teen feels about speaking to their doctor, the better. How can you empower your teen to take charge of their health and get more involved? Arm them with these 24 questions for their doctor.

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In your adult child

Exhausted college student passing out on homework

Mono: More than the College Kissing Disease

Mono is a virus that’s spread through saliva and causes extreme fatigue, sore throats and swollen lands, fever and other un-pleasantries. Why do so many college-aged students get it, and how can you help your young adult through? 

Female athlete injured, holding head, closing eyes

Sports-Related Concussion: What to Know

Falls and collisions during sports can cause concussion, a kind of brain injury that can be mild to more significant. Our pediatric sports medicine experts share 5 important things to know when navigating concussion. 

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