Change is rarely easy – but for families these days, it certainly is familiar.

Maybe you’re just trying to get through one more day of the pandemic. Maybe you’re going through a divorce or big household change. Maybe your teen is getting ready to graduate.

Through it all, you want your child to adapt, and thrive. Our pediatric experts have tips.

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A mother comforting her daughter

How to Talk to Kids About Scary or Tragic Events in the News

News can be scary and even disturbing for your child, especially when there are so many unknowns. Here’s how to talk to kids about what’s going on while managing your own emotions.

Mother sitting with daughter holding her hands

Changing How We Talk to Kids About COVID-19

The words you use can help reduce bullying, guilt and shame among young people. Here’s what to say when your child or someone they know tests positive.

Teenager with jaw pain

Parenting Through a Divorce or Separation

When do you tell your child? How can you make the adjustment easier? And what makes a successful co-parenting relationship? Our pediatric psychologist shares advice.

A mother comforts her child

How to Manage Negative Emotions When Your Child Is Watching

As a parent, you may try to put on a brave face for your child. But that doesn’t always work – and it’s not always best for kids, either. Instead of hiding your emotions, do this.

Young boy lies on the ground and plays with a tablet

Apps to Help Kids Deal With Their Emotions

From calming coloring books to stress-busting exercises, a growing number of apps are available to teach little ones about emotions, and show them ways to cope.

A family making cookies

Keeping the Calm at Home During Times of Change

Transitions of all kinds are tricky for kids – from major household changes to just getting out the door each morning. These tips can save the day.

A family plays a board game

New Routines to Cope With COVID-19 Uncertainty

Life with kids is rarely predictable, but the pandemic has taken things to an extreme. Here are tips for creating consistency in all that chaos.

Young women holding a pencil

What’s Next? Helping Teens Decide What to Do After High School

It’s probably your teen’s first major life decision. And it can be overwhelming. Use these questions to help them think it through.

Teens at school

3 Steps for Teens to Master Time Management

Grades, friends, sports – teens have a lot on their plates. It can add up to too much stress, especially during times of change. One solution? Better time management.

A mother and daughter bake Challah

20 Activities to Boost Your Child’s Mood During Quarantine

Make the most of time at home! We’ve got you covered with lots of ideas, from countdown crafts to a home makeover project.

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