Being a parent is rewarding—and challenging—sometimes far beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. How can families navigate the many challenges we continue to face as a society? As a nation?

Parents, it starts with empowering yourselves with knowledge. We’ve got you covered with articles that will help you and your kids to get through it all… and thrive. From the seasonal blues and conquering transitions—to talking about tough illnesses and being honest about current events—turn to Connecticut’s only health system 100% dedicated to kids.

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Teenager with jaw pain

How to Raise Resilient Kids During Tough Times

We hear, “kids are resilient,” repeatedly. What does it mean and why does it matter so much lately? How can we, as parents, raise resilient kids in the face of constant adversity? It’s not easy, but our developmental pediatric experts are here to say, “you’ve got this!”

Father and son talking

7 Uncomfortable Conversations Topics and How to Have Them

What’s going on in the world of social justice, and how can we as parents be role models and educators? It all starts with understanding these seven key topics, and then helping your kids navigate real-life example they may encounter. Some of them may surprise you.

Kids reading books laying the grass

Books to Get Through Tough Stuff

Books can be our greatest teachers through life’s ups, downs and challenges. This list of books, recommended by our Child Life team, will help kids of all ages and parents embrace change, build resilience, grieve, appreciate differences and power through adversity.  

An Otoscope

Dealing With Chronic Ear Infections: Time for Ear Tubes?

It can be frustrating to see one ear infection after another. Could it be time for ear tubes? Our ENT experts explain why ear tubes may be necessary and the many health benefits to this simple procedure.

Young girl yawning

Conquer the Transition: Crib to Bed

Did you catch your toddler climbing out of their crib? Maybe you’re wondering when, how or why you should make the switch to a bed. It’s not always an easy transition, but these tips from our sleep and pulmonary experts can help.

person stretching

Injury Prevention Tips for Basketball Players

How can your basketball star stay active while preventing common ankle injuries? Connecticut Children’s Sports Physical Therapy team addresses why these injuries happen and exercises to help prevent them.

A father and son outside in the rain

The 101 on Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the days and hours of sunlight grow shorter, your child may feel sad or sluggish. For some kids and teens, this feeling may be a more serious problem known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Our pediatric psychologists explain.

Reward chart on fridge

How to Prepare Your Child For Surgery

No child (or adult!) wants to face a surgery. The truth is, your kids will always look to you to gauge a situation. So how can you best prepare them? That depends on their age—and on you. Turn to Connecticut Children’s Child-Life team for guidance.

Teens and Money Management: Say, What?

Parents, times are tough, so check Money Management 101 off your teen’s learning list. If your teen is nearing the end of high school, or just curious about the next step in their independence journey, empower them to be a financial rock star.  

A mother comforting her daughter

How to Talk to Kids About Cancer

Talking about cancer can feel scary and overwhelming for parents because our instinct is to protect our kids. However, research shows that when parents have an open conversation with their child about cancer, kids cope better. Our experts weigh in on the whys and hows.

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