Enhancing systems and innovating solutions that promote the health, development and well-being of children and their families.

Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health is a national leader in addressing contemporary issues that have the potential to adversely affect children’s health and development. The Office not only serves as a critical community resource, but also cultivates innovative and cost-effective solutions to address existing gaps in our child- and family-serving systems. Through the Office, Connecticut Children’s invests in building comprehensive systems that ensure families have access to community-based programs, resources and services that promote their children’s optimal healthy development.

Our Mission

The Office for Community Child Health positions Connecticut Children’s as a trusted community resource and partner by developing, promoting, supporting, evaluating, and disseminating innovative, effective community-oriented programs and services; advancing social and racial equity; and addressing children’s critical health and well-being needs.

Our Model

The Office oversees a variety of community-oriented programs that address a wide range of factors that influence children’s healthy development.  Those programs, and their community-based partners, not only focus on the traditional areas of child health services, family support, and early care and education, but also touch other sectors including food and nutrition, housing, economic development, child welfare, and transportation.