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Connecticut Children’s recommends that you sign up for a MyChart account when you schedule or check in for your next appointment.

How to Activate Your Account:

  • Activate over the phone when you schedule your next appointment. You will be sent an email to activate your MyChart account.
  • Activate at the front desk when you check in for your appointment.
  • Request an account online by visiting our MyChart website.

How to Connect Multiple Accounts

If you’ve been seen at more than one healthcare organization you likely have multiple health records. MyChart lets you pull all of your medical records together and view them in one place. This will enable patient families from our NICU at UConn Health Center to connect their account with their Connecticut Children’s account. Learn More.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Parents or legal guardians may request proxy access to their child’s medical information via MyChart. MyChart access to portions of the electronic health record is dictated by the age of the child and will be automatically removed at age 18.
  • Teenage patients (age 13 and up) may request their own MyChart account in person at any office visit. No parental consent is required.
  • Both parents and teens may have access for children under age 18.
  • At age 18, patients may request their own MyChart account. There is no parental access to adult accounts at this time.

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions (en Español) for details.

Note: each parent or guardian must sign up individually.

Call or stop by any of our locations, or call our Health Information Management department at 860.837.5780.

You can reset your password or recover your username yourself as long as you have access to the email address associated with your account. Visit and click the link under the ‘Sign In’ button for the option you need. If you still need assistance, call 860.837.6500 to reach our MyChart support team.

Make sure you are entering *your* date of birth and zip code, not your child’s or spouse’s. MyChart accounts are specific to each individual – even if you are accessing your child’s information you do so through your own MyChart account.

If you are certain you have entered the correct information and still receive this error, please call your clinic or our Health Information Management department at 860.837.5780 so they can verify your information is correctly entered in our system.

Please call 860.837.6500 for our MyChart support team. They are available 24/7 and are happy to assist.

Note: for urgent issues, call the health care provider’s office directly.

MyChart is NOT for medical emergencies. Call 9-1-1 instead.

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