Connecticut Children’s Connects with Patients & Families Through Secure Video Visits

For Immediate Release: April 7, 2020
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Monica Buchanan, Director of Communications
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Hartford, Conn. – With efforts underway around the world to limit potential exposure to COVID-19, Connecticut Children’s is relying on video visits to bring its expert care anywhere, when appropriate.

“It’s really important to practice social distancing right now and unfortunately that also means with your healthcare provider. Regardless of the pandemic, some children still suffer from chronic diseases or get hurt while playing at home. Video visits are a safe and secure way to see a doctor without having to visit a clinic or emergency department,” said Glenn Focht, MD, President of Connecticut Children’s Specialty Group.

Otolaryngologist Chris Grindle, MD, provides care that spans the entire spectrum of pediatric ear, nose and throat issues. Grindle is one of many physicians using the video conferencing technology in his practice. Just last week, he diagnosed a 9-year-old with a broken nose over video and was able to schedule surgery the next day.

“The physical exam is important, but you can find out a lot about a problem through targeted questions and observation,” Grindle said. “I’ve seen enough broken noses to know one without actually touching it.”

“This is an option where they can keep their child home but still get evaluated by a physician,” said Dr. Grindle. “I think that’s really important just to give parents and families peace of mind that they’re not inadvertently exposing their children to other viruses and germs while they are trying to get help for their child’s immediate health issues,” Grindle said.

West Hartford mom, Katherine Gallagher said her experience with a Connecticut Children’s video visit was better than she expected. “I would definitely recommend it during these times because we were able to stay home and stay safe and it’s a great way to not put me or my family at risk of coronavirus,” said Gallagher. “It was also very easy. We were doing school work at home. We were able to take a break, pop on the screen to do the video conference, hop off and go right back to what we were doing.”

Connecticut Children’s began offering post-surgical video visits several months ago, but recently expanded its virtual health program to now include more than 25 specialties, including urgent care. It provides enhanced access for all children during a time that would have otherwise restricted it.
In addition to video visits, parents can also call the Connecticut Children’s pediatric COVID-19 hotline at 833.226.2362 for any questions they may have.

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