Connecticut Children’s provides an array of pediatric surgical services, from routine procedures to complex surgeries. Our board certified pediatric surgeons have advanced training, and the patient and family surgical experience at the Connecticut Children’s is specially designed for kids.

Our Approach to Surgery for Kids

Surgery can be scary for children and parents. Connecticut Children’s provides a family-friendly surgical environment, including:

  • Kid-friendly play areas
  • Special cars and trucks that children can drive into the surgical suite

When circumstances allow, parents may be at the bedside as children go to sleep in the surgical suite or awaken from surgery in the recovery room.

Get Updates from the Operating Room

Download the EASE app to receive updates during surgery on your mobile device. Download it at home prior to procedure day, or during registration.

Learn more about the EASE app:

Pre-operative Preparation

Many children who are scheduled for a routine surgery have lots of questions and don’t know what to expect on the big day. Anxiety is common in both the patient and parents, which is why we’re happy to offer pre-operative preparation!

What you should know

  • One of our Child Life Specialists will explain the whole surgery process using language your child will understand
  • Using pictures is a great way to familiarize your child with our operating rooms and medical equipment such as a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope and surgical mask
  • To speak to a Child Life Specialist about preparing your child for surgery, please call 860.545.9700.

Helpful Pediatric Surgery Resources

We recommend the following resources to help patients and families prepare for surgery at Connecticut Children’s: