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Loaner Hearing Aid Program

Our program is designed to help children maintain access to sound with loaner hearing aids during the 2-4 weeks when their own hearing aid(s) are out for repair.

Connecticut Children’s loaner hearing aids are digital behind-the-ear hearing aids fit to the needs of each child, but may not be the same make or model hearing aid as your child’s own hearing aid. This means that the loaner hearing aid may look and work a little differently than you are used to. If you have any questions regarding how the loaner hearing aid works, please feel free to talk with an audiologist.

Requesting a Loaner Hearing Aid

Contact Connecticut Children’s Audiology Department at 860.545.9642.  Advanced notice is required so that we can prepare an appropriate loaner hearing aid to meet your child’s hearing needs.

To qualify for a Connecticut Children’s Audiology Department loaner hearing aid you must:

  • Have a hearing test not more than 1 year old.
  • Have been seen at Connecticut Children’s Audiology Department for an audiometric and/or hearing aid assessment in the last year.

If you need an updated hearing test you can schedule an appointment with Connecticut Children’s Audiology Department, or if your child had a hearing test at another facility, provide a copy of that evaluation at the time you request a loaner hearing aid.

Returning a Loaner Hearing Aid

We rely on a timely return of Connecticut Children’s loaner hearing aids to refill our loaner bank for the next child in need. When you pick up your child’s repaired hearing aid we ask that you return the loaner hearing aid.

The Audiology Department allows up to 2 weeks from the date you pick up a repaired hearing aid to return any Connecticut Children’s Medical Center loaner hearing aids.

If you do not return a loaner hearing aid within 2 weeks of picking up your child’s repaired hearing aid, we will no longer be able to provide loaners for your child.

Where are Loaner Hearing Aids Available?

You can obtain a loaner hearing aid from any Connecticut Children’s location that provides Audiology services.

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