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Connecticut Children’s pediatric urology and nephrology physicians and researchers are actively involved in clinical outcomes and basic science research and present numerous study abstracts at international and national meetings each year.


The Division of Pediatric Urology is currently involved in more than 15 IRB-approved studies, and is one of a select few in the U.S. to receive National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding.

Our team is engaged in clinical research related to outcomes and treatment of urologic conditions using minimally invasive techniques, hypospadias and reconstructive surgery, and disorders of sexual development and the psychological correlation of urologic disease.

Our basic and translational research focuses on increasing the understanding of tumor development in genitourinary organs and the evaluation of new therapeutic strategies.
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The Division of Nephrology is currently involved in more than 10 IRB-approved clinical research trials with an emphasis on translational research focused on genetic mutations that cause childhood renal diseases in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine.

Clinical research includes looking at the role of Vitamin D in blood pressure control, incidence of kidney disease in specific disease states and vesicoureteral reflux practice patterns.

Our team of nephrology investigators are also busy researching mechanisms of renal injury and children suffering from chronic renal failure.
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Research Team

Katherine W. Herbst, M.S.
Clinical Research Manager
Division of Urology/Division of Nephrology/Department of Research

Melinda Carpenter, M.S.
Research Associate
Division of Urology/Division of Nephrology/Department of Research

Mary Anne Banevicius, B.S.
Research Assistant
Division of Urology/Division of Nephrology/Clinical Trials Unit


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