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Our Craniofacial Team

Connecticut Children’s Craniofacial Team includes board-certified physicians with expertise in plastic surgery, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, speech-language pathology, dentistry, and developmental behavior.

Who’s Who on the Care Team

Every member of the Craniofacial Team plays an integral role in the comprehensive care each child receives.

  • Administrative coordinator assists with scheduling appointments for clinic and coordinating surgeries.
  • Clinical care coordinator specializes in care coordination within the Craniofacial Team.
  • Cultural Mediator/Spanish Medical Interpreter assists our Spanish-speaking families with medical interpretation.
  • Pediatric dentists treat dental anomalies and jaw deformities.
  • Developmental pediatricians consult on the physical implications of patients who have developmental delays and pervasive developmental disorders.
  • Medical photographer documents common craniofacial features to track changes as the patient progresses through treatment.
  • Neurosurgeons perform surgery to treat congenital cranial and spinal disorders, trauma, hydrocephalus, brain and spinal cord tumors and vascular malformations.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform surgical procedures treating the entire craniomaxillofacial area, including the mouth, jaws, face, and skull.
  • Orthodontists are dental specialists who focus on irregularities of the teeth and jaw.
  • Pediatric otolaryngologists lend expertise on airway disorders, neck masses and abscesses, salivary glands and facial nerve disorders.
  • Plastic surgeons perform surgery to treat deformities of the skull, ear, nose, lip, palate, and facial skeleton.
  • Speech-language pathologists conduct critical swallow assessments to detect skill deficits in swallowing along with rehabilitative verbal communication functions to patients with mouth or ear deformities.
  • Social workers support families with coping strategies and resources.






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