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Critical Care Transport Team

critical care transport team and ambulanceConnecticut Children’s Medical Center has expanded its pediatric transport services to include neonatal patients and now has an enhanced Critical Care Transport Team that includes a highly-skilled nurse, respiratory therapist, and board certified physician with advanced training to care for critically ill and high-risk infants, children and teens.

The Critical Care Transport Team provides:

  • 24/7 transport for pediatric patients to and from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • 24/7 transport for neonatal patients to and from Connecticut Children’s neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at Hartford Hospital and the University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Highly-trained staff with the essential skills and expertise to care for high-risk neonatal and
    pediatric patients
  • A transport ambulance uniquely equipped with tools and supplies specifically for babies and children, including ECMO services

Every second counts when transporting a critically ill infant or child, and the care received en route to Connecticut Children’s is vital to ensuring the best possible outcome.

To coordinate a transport to Connecticut Children’s, please call 860.545.8989.

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