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Lead Treatment Resources

The Connecticut state mandate is to have a child’s blood lead level checked twice before 36 months of age. If your child hasn’t been tested in that time, they should be checked at least once before 72 months. Reach out to your provider and make sure your child was tested. In addition, between 36 and 72 months you should complete a Lead Risk Assessment questionnaire regarding your child’s living environment.

We routinely see patients in our clinic with lead levels of 3.5ug/dL or greater and we are available to answer questions. Identifying the source of lead through a detailed environmental history or with help from the local health department is an essential part of what we do. We also educate families on preventing re-exposure to sources of lead. Monitoring development and providing dietary counseling are done at each visit.

In addition, we connect families with local health departments and resources that can help them.

Please review our lead poisoning prevention booklet.

Patients with venous lead levels greater than 3.5ug/dL are able to make an appointment with our program without a referral.

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