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What to Expect: MRI

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Welcome! Here we go… for an MRI!

I am going to Connecticut Children’s to have an MRI. An MRI is a special machine that takes pictures of the inside of my body.


We will leave our car with the valet or in the parking garage.


First, we will go to the front desk. We will get stickers with our names to put on our clothes.


We need to go to Radiology (1J) for my MRI.


We are at Radiology! We will go to the check-in window. The receptionist will talk with my family and type information into the computer.


Next, the receptionist will give me a bracelet to put on my wrist. The bracelet will have my name on it!


I will sit in the waiting room. I can play or watch TV while I wait.


The MRI technologist will call my name. She will look at my bracelet and then bring me to the room. My family will go with me.


The room has a big machine in it. I will go inside of the machine so it can take pictures of me.


The technologist will tell me what to do. I may need to change my clothes for my MRI because no snaps or zippers are allowed. This is okay. I will put my clothes back on when I am done.


I will put my clothes in a special locker so that they will be safe.


The technologist will use a special wand to make sure that my mom and I aren’t wearing any metal. The wand will not touch me.


I will need to lie on the table.


Sometimes the technologist will strap me in so that I am safe.


Sometimes I can listen to music or watch a video while they take the pictures.  If I am allowed to do this, the technologist will ask me to choose.


The technologist will tell me if I need to take medicine for my MRI. I will do my best to follow directions.


The table will move me into the big machine. The machine will not touch me. I will not feel them taking my picture. I need to stay very still.


I will stay in the machine while the pictures are being taken. I will hear loud noises. This is okay. The tech will talk to me through the headphones to ask if I am okay. When the MRI is done, the table will move me out of the machine.


Now I will put my clothes back on.


Getting an MRI is not so hard, I know just what to do!



This story is part of a series of stories originally developed in collaboration with Norah Johnson, of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and funded through a grant by Autism Speaks.

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