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What to Expect: Swallow Study

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Welcome! Here we go… for a swallow study

Today I am going to Connecticut Children’s for a swallow study. It will show how I eat and swallow.


I will bring my favorite cup(s) and food.


We will leave our car with the valet or in the parking garage.


First, we will go to the front desk. We will get stickers with our names to put on our clothes.


I will put the sticker on my shirt. My family will get a sticker too!


We will walk down the hall to Radiology (1J).


We are at Radiology! We will go to the check-in window. The receptionist will talk with my family and type information in the computer!


I will sit in the waiting room with my family. I can watch TV or play.


A speech therapist will call my name.


We will walk into the room and sit down. The room will have a chair, a table, and a big machine to take my video.


The speech therapist will ask my family questions about me.


The speech therapist will put on gloves. This will help keep me safe.


The speech therapist may ask me to open my mouth and do silly things with my tongue.


The speech therapist may need to touch my tongue or cheeks.


The therapist will ask me to sit in a special chair. They may put a special blanket on my lap.


The speech therapist will put on a special coat. My family will wear one too.


The doctor will move the special machine to make sure they take a good picture of me. The machine will make a noise when it is moved, but it will not touch me.


The doctor will press a button to turn on my video. This will also make a noise. My picture will be on TV!


The speech therapist will give me something to drink. It is white and it will taste sweet. I will drink the special drink while they take my picture.


The speech therapist may ask me to try some pudding. I may also have my favorite snack dipped in some of the pudding.


My swallow test is finished! The speech therapist will show me and my family my movie on TV. The speech therapist will give my family a special paper that tells them “tools” I can use to help me swallow and eat better.


Now it is time to go. Getting a swallow study is not so hard, I know just what to do!


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