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Sedation Services

Connecticut Children’s pediatric sedation team is devoted to helping kids feel less anxious and more comfortable during their procedure or test. Our goal is to minimize physical discomfort and reduce the negative psychological impact to our patients while helping complete necessary procedures.

Center of Excellence by the National Society of Pediatric Sedation

Connecticut Children’s has been named New England’s first and only Center of Excellence by the National Society of Pediatric Sedation (SPS). In addition, Connecticut Children’s is one of only 10 programs nationally to receive the distinction. As a Center of Excellence, Connecticut Children’s has demonstrated its commitment to the highest quality pediatric sedation care and standards of the SPS. 

Our Services

Connecticut Children’s sedation team provides sedation (medication that calms the nervous system) prior to a wide range of tests or procedures that cause pain, provokes anxiety or requires a patient to be still. When children get sedation, that means they’re given medicine to make them feel more relaxed or sleepy. The team uses medicines and delivery methods that allow your child to have a more natural sleep state, so general anesthesia and a breathing device are typically not needed.


Compassionate, Personalized Care

Our board-certified sedation specialists evaluate every child before a scheduled test or procedure to determine whether a child will need sedation, and what type of sedation to offer. Considerations include the child’s age and developmental level, length of time it takes to perform the test or procedure, amount of discomfort expected during the test or procedure, and the child’s medical condition.
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Sedation Services Locations

Sedation services are offered at our main location in Hartford.


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