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Clinical Care Programs and Services

Sports Medicine provides quality care for athletes—for patients who are well and those who are recovering from an injury or related health concern.

Our services are geared towards keeping young athletes healthy and injury-free, enhancing athletic performance and providing proper treatment and care for injuries that do occur.

Injury Treatment

Our sports medicine specialists are experts in evaluating and treating injuries, whether they happen on or off the playing field. Treatments include casts, splints, non-operative treatment and surgical procedures.

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Concussion Management

We use a multidisciplinary approach to address both the physical and emotional symptoms caused by concussions, and create an individualized treatment plan to help athletes return to school and play.

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Same-Day Sports Clinic

Connecticut Children’s Sports Medicine program is pleased to announce the opening of a same-day sports medicine clinic at 399 Farmington Ave, Farmington, CT for acute and urgent care needs for student-athletes.

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Sports Physical Therapy

Our state-of-the-art facility is a motivating environment that allows close interaction between athletes and physical therapists. In addition to treatment, we provide ongoing education to athletes, families, coaches and physicians, and encourage active patient and family participation during the rehab process.

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Transitional Therapy

In some cases, athletes will benefit from continuing structured rehabilitation and conditioning after he or she has been discharged from physical therapy.

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Alternative and Supplemental Therapies

When appropriate, Connecticut Children’s sports medicine specialists may recommend one of the following alternative and supplemental therapies to be used in coordination with physical therapy.

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Sports Nutrition and Hydration

Our sports nutrition counseling includes a comprehensive nutritional assessment and evaluation that meets each athlete’s individual needs and specific sport. Following simple, basic guidelines for the intake of food and liquid can prevent many of the recurrent problems that affect young athletes today.

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Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

Our injury prevention program aims to increase strength of joint and muscle groups, build endurance and coach the proper movement mechanics. Our performance enhancement program focuses on combining balance, coordination, speed, and strength to optimize overall performance.

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