Connecticut Children’s cochlear implant team has extensive experience with cochlear implant technology. Our goal is to help children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families gain the tools they need to communicate confidently and effectively.

Candidates for cochlear implantation may include children with significant bilateral hearing loss or single sided deafness.

Consideration for implantation among these children is a multi-step process that includes comprehensive evaluation by members of the implant team as appropriate. At the completion of these appointments, implant team members meet to determine candidacy. The team may recommend surgery, may decide that a child is not a candidate for implantation, or delay a decision until any identified areas of concern are addressed.

If implantation is recommended, surgery is scheduled. Our implant surgeons and audiologists test each implant in the operating room with neural response telemetry. Approximately one month after surgery, the audiologist activates the implant.

Following implant surgery and activation, our program provides ongoing medical and audiological and speech-language services, professional support, collaboration with community providers, and education to families.

The cochlear implant team is multi-disciplinary and includes:

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Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
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Speech-Language Pathology
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