Grow Happy: Embracing Healthy Opportunities

By: Nicole Roscoe

As parents of three young children, my husband and I make it a priority to teach them the difference between healthy and not-so-healthy eating choices. We also take steps to ensure our children learn the importance of exercise.

Exciting Wellness Opportunities

We look out for new and different opportunities for them to try. When I heard about a Mommy and Me Yoga class offered by Connecticut Children’s and its Kohl’s Start Childhood Off Right (SCOR) program at the Hartford Public Library, I signed us up!

The yoga class was tons of fun. We each got something different out of the event and we were able to spend quality time together. I bonded with my youngest child Selah, who was just 6-months-old at the time, in new and different ways. My oldest child Riyah, who was 5-years-old, had a great time moving around and following the instructor on her own. My middle child, 3-year-old Ezra, enjoyed the chance to take everything in without having to be an active participant.

We loved participating in the event and we hope to join similar wellness-focused events offered by Connecticut Children’s and the SCOR program in the future.

A Focus on Promoting Health

Thankfully, our children are in good health and we have not needed to visit Connecticut Children’s for any appointments or procedures. However, knowing that such a wonderful facility is so close to home and accessible is a great feeling for me. I think it is great that Connecticut Children’s has so many programs dedicated to promoting health and well-being instead of focusing solely on treating children who are sick or hurt. It goes right along with what we are doing as a family starting from birth, teaching healthy habits and putting our children in control of their health.

Children need additional examples, beyond what they hear from their parents, to reinforce healthy habits. By supporting programs and offering events that focus on promoting health, Connecticut Children’s helps with that. It is not just mommy and daddy saying, “You need to eat your fruits and veggies, you need to go exercise.” Someone else in the community who is trusted is showing the same example: not only do kids need to eat their vegetables, but grownups do too. People who want to have good healthy energized lives are eating healthy and exercising too. Showing this as a way of life, instead of addressing the issue only when children are sick or at risk for conditions like childhood obesity is so important.

Learning to Make Good Choices

I want my children to know what it means to be healthy. I want them to know what good choices are so that when they encounter different options, whether they are with me or not, they know what to choose. There will always be a time for treats and sitting around, but in general I want my children to be as healthy as possible. Kids have a lot of energy and need constructive outlets to expend their energy. They also need to understand how to act during times when they need to be quiet in school or elsewhere. There must be balance in life.

I love that Connecticut Children’s treats the whole child and has helped my children to grow curious, strong and healthy.

Kohl’s Start Childhood Off Right (SCOR) promotes healthy growth and well-being for children starting at birth in order to reduce childhood obesity. SCOR is a program of Connecticut Children’s Office for Community Child Health, which promotes optimal health, development and well-being for all children.

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