For more information about Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program, call:

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Healthy Homes Program

Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program improves children’s health by making their homes healthier, safer places to be. We are committed to protecting children from lead poisoning and making homes in Connecticut safe and healthy. The Healthy Homes Program receives funding through U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the State of Connecticut Department of Housing.

Our goal is to protect children before they are poisoned by lead hazards or injured by safety hazards in their homes. The Healthy Homes Program integrates health and safety interventions, lead hazard control, energy efficiency interventions, and housing rehabilitation for property owners by coordinating resources in an efficient manner to produce healthy homes. Our approach improves the housing for current and future occupants.

The Healthy Homes Program’s services are available in 15 towns and cities across Connecticut. The Healthy Homes Program provides qualified homeowners and tenants with:

  • Inspections and plans for lead and home safety hazard removal
  • Financial assistance to remediate hazards
  • Relocation assistance during construction
  • Referrals to low- or no-cost home weatherization programs designed to increase energy efficiency
  • Lead hazard and healthy homes education

For more information about Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program, call 860.837.6234.

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