For more information about Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program, call:

Participating Communities

Since 2003, Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program has been taking safe action against lead hazards and has completed projects in several communities across Connecticut. For more information about Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program, call 860.837.6241 or contact the local coordinator in your town.


Audrey Gaines, Bridgeport Lead Free Families: 203.576.8419
Liz Torres, Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust: 203.290.4255


Ryan Boggan, Danbury Health Department: 203.797.4626

East Haven

Michael Pascucilla, East Shore Health District: 203.481.4233


Michael Caronna, North Central District Health Department: 860.745.0383
Peter Bryanton, Community Development Office: 860.253.6390


Arlene Robertson, Hartford Health and Human Services: 860.757.4720
Celina Caez, City of Hartford Department of Development Services: 860.757.9028


Kim Dubanoski, Manchester Health Department: 860.647.3172
Heather Donoghue, Manchester Planning Department: 860.647.3106


Scott Bryden, Meriden Health Department: 203.630.4282
Peter Miller, Meriden Neighborhood Trust: 203.630.4102

New Britain

Caleb Cowles, New Britain Health Department: 860.612.1604
Margaret Malinowski, Department of Community Development – 860.826.3341

New Haven

Farzaneh Valipour, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program: 203.946.8174


Tom Closter, Norwalk Health Department: 203.854.7824
Tim Carney, Norwalk Redevelopment Agency: 203.854.7810


Ronald Miller, Stamford Health Department: 203.977.4363
Erik Larson, Stamford Community Development Office: 203.977.4053

Torrington and Winchester

Tom Stanton, Torrington Area Health District: 860.489.0436
Leslie Polito, Torrington Area Health District: 860.489.0436


Richard Lee, Waterbury Healthy Homes: 203.574.6786
Tina Lubus, Waterbury Development Corporation: 203.346.2607

West Haven

Maureen Lillis, West Haven Health Department: 203.937.3663
Mark Bisaccia, West Haven Community Development Office: 203.937.3550

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