Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center is located at 10 Columbus Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Hartford, CT


Our Approach to Research

Over the past 30 years, research at the Injury Prevention Center (IPC) has contributed to actual reductions in both fatal and non-fatal injury rates, most clearly demonstrated by how our work helped to drive the implementation and enhancement of safety measures, from pedestrians to teen drivers and passengers of any age. 

The IPC’s scientific approach to injury prevention calls for interventions to be designed, evaluated, and then implemented based on a research-driven process of surveillance, hazard identification, risk assessment and analysis, and the transfer of successful interventions into widespread adoption and practice.

Conducting high quality research in particular areas of interest in which the IPC team has the expertise and track record of success is how we continue to drive innovations in injury prevention research. Starting in 2011, the IPC refined its approach to research by considering the community need, the potential for change, and our own capacity, in identifying three research priority areas:

  • family violence in all its forms;
  • child and adolescent suicide prevention; and
  • teen driving safety and related road safety issues.

The IPC’s research team is committed to making a difference. For more information on our work, please contact us, or visit our page on Google Scholar.



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