Connecticut Children’s Injury Prevention Center is located at 10 Columbus Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Hartford, CT

Injury Prevention Center Team

The Injury Prevention Center team is dedicated to keeping Connecticut’s children and families safe through a variety of injury prevention initiatives.

Renee Beavers, LMSW
Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program (HVIP) Specialist

Rebecca Beebe, PhD
Research Scientist

Bruce Bernstein, PhD
Research Scientist

Kevin Borrup, DrPH, JD, MPA
Executive Director

Brendan Campbell, MD, MPH
Donald W. Hight Endowed Chair in Pediatric Surgery, Chief Surgical Quality Officer, Research Scientist

Meghan Clough, MA
Research Associate

Susan DiVietro, PhD
Research Scientist

Sarah Gedeon, MSW
Hartford Violence Intervention Program Research Assistant

Damion Grasso, PhD
Research Scientist

Amy Hunter, MPH, PhD
Research Scientist

J. Leslie Knod, MD
Research Scientist

Amalyn Morales
ASCEND Program Coordinator

Mayra Pino
Research Assistant I

Steven C. Rogers, MD
Research Scientist

Elizabeth Sagan
Program Coordinator

Amy Watkins, MPH


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