Back to School Kit 2021

Back to school season is always a big adjustment for kids, and that’s especially true this year.

Connecticut Children’s is here to help! From morning routines to COVID-19 vaccine updates, we’ve gathered answers to your biggest questions – and expert advice to help your child thrive.

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4 Tips for Kids to Sleep Better and Wake Up Energized

Good sleep is essential for learning. After months of sleeping in and staying up late, how can you get your child on track for school?

6 Ways to Help Kids Cope With School Quarantines

A sudden quarantine can be hard for a child, especially if they were looking forward to an upcoming event. Here’s how to support them.


How the Delta Variant Could Affect Your Child’s School Year

The Delta variant is highly contagious, and it’s in our community. Our infectious disease expert explains what it means for back to school.

When Will a COVID-19 Vaccine Be Ready for Kids Under 12?

Pediatric clinical trials began in March – but when will a COVID-19 vaccine actually be authorized for younger children? Here’s the latest news.


What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Go Back to School

For some students, a return to in-person classes means a return to social pressures, learning issues, and more. You can help them rise to the challenge.

10 Ways to Get Your Teen (and Family) to Try a Digital Detox

Last year, many teens became even more glued to their screens – but too much technology can lead to health problems. Try these steps to unplug.


Return to Play Safely: Athletes Need 6 Weeks to Get in Shape

Getting back on the field after months off comes with a risk of injury. Here’s how young athletes should safely build back up to full activity.

8 Tips to Help Kids With Special Needs Adjust to a New School Year

Children with autism and other special needs have a tough time adjusting to change – so they need additional support going back to school.


Can Kids Get Their Flu Shot and COVID-19 Vaccine at the Same Time?

A COVID-19 vaccine may be authorized for ages 5 to 11 right around the time kids are due for their annual flu shot. Is it safe for your child to get both?

10 Steps to a Better Morning! Boost Your Child’s School Routine

After months of summer vacation, school mornings can be a big obstacle for kids and teens. Try these tips to set them up for success.


Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Child to Bring to School

If you want a fun kitchen activity that doubles as a healthy snack, check out these ideas. Even better? They’re perfect to pack for school.

Safety Tips for Bus Stops, Drop-Offs and Walking or Bicycling

School means crowded bus stops, hectic drop-offs, and bicycling or walking along busy roads. Talk to your child now about how to stay safe.


Preventing Eye Strain During Your Child’s Screen-Based Learning

From homework to remote lessons, screens are a big part of “back to school.” That could lead to eye strain – but some simple precautions can help.

How to Help Kids Cope With Social Anxiety When Social Distancing Ends

Is your child nervous about returning to the classroom and other social situations? Here are strategies for easing kids and teens back into social situations.


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