COVID-19 Vaccine Update for Connecticut Children’s Patients

Connecticut Children’s is proud to support the state’s COVID-19 vaccination effort, beginning with our existing patients ages 16 and up. Together, we can end the pandemic.

Please see below for frequently asked questions and resources. You can also stay up-to-date at


COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling FAQs

In Connecticut, if your child is age 16 or older, they’re now eligible for the vaccine.

If your child is 15 or younger, stay tuned. Currently in the U.S., there is no approved COVID-19 vaccine for individuals under age 16. Our physician-in-chief explains more here.


Who can schedule a vaccine appointment at Connecticut Children’s?

Currently, existing patients at Connecticut Children’s can use their MyChart account to check for and schedule an available appointment with us.

Note: Your child will need an active MyChart account, so if you don’t have one already, please sign up today.

Don’t have MyChart? Sign up now!

Please keep in mind that availability is limited. If you’re unable to find an open appointment at Connecticut Children’s, we encourage you to schedule your child’s COVID-19 vaccine wherever is most convenient. Your child’s health is our top priority.

To help you understand your options, here are a couple resources where you can find statewide vaccination clinics:


Which type of COVID-19 vaccine is offered at Connecticut Children’s?

Currently, we are only offering the Pfizer vaccine.

To date, all patients vaccinated at Connecticut Children’s have received the Pfizer vaccine. Earlier in the vaccine rollout, healthcare workers and other Phase 1a individuals (ages 65+) who were vaccinated at Connecticut Children’s received either Pfizer or Moderna.

Connecticut Children’s has not administered any doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


My child is an existing patient with an active MyChart account, but I don’t see a way to schedule their vaccine at Connecticut Children’s. What am I missing?

  • Is your child age 16 or 17? Patients who are under 18 need their legal guardian – also known as the “proxy” – to schedule the appointment. If that’s you, you must log into your proxy MyChart account, where you should see a link to schedule for your child.
  • Is your child age 18 or older? Most patients 18 or older need to schedule their appointment while logged into their own MyChart account (not a proxy’s).

Note: A MyChart scheduling ticket for the COVID-19 vaccine does not guarantee appointment availability. Please see the links above for help finding a convenient alternative.


My child isn’t old enough to be eligible. Can I do anything to prepare for a future COVID-19 vaccine for their age group?

If your child is already a Connecticut Children’s patient, please make sure they have an active MyChart account. That’s always the best way to access us – and if you decide to schedule their vaccine with us, it will make the process even easier.

Remember to keep wearing masks correctly, follow social distancing guidelines, practice great hand hygiene, and self-quarantine at home if anyone in your family might be sick. These simple efforts can save lives in the months ahead, while we wait for the vaccine to be distributed to everyone in the community.


Where can I find more information about Connecticut’s vaccine rollout?

  • Keep an eye on this page for updates about vaccine availability at Connecticut Children’s
  • Visit for updates on who is eligible to make a vaccine appointment and links to vaccination clinics.
  • Visit for detailed information and links to statewide vaccination clinics.


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