Your Family’s “Next Normal” During COVID-19

A COVID-19 vaccine for ages 12 and up is here, and hugs, playdates and travel are starting to re-enter the picture. But with younger kids still waiting on a vaccine, it’s a complicated time for families.

Connecticut Children’s pediatric experts share resources to help your family stay safe during this new chapter of the pandemic – and help kids adjust to their (newest) new normal.

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How to Help Kids Cope With Anxiety When Social Distancing Ends

For some children, a return to groups and pre-pandemic social interaction can be a scary adjustment. Here’s how to support them.

What Do New Mask Requirements Mean for Your Child?

Connecticut recently relaxed mask requirements for vaccinated individuals. What does that mean for kids who are vaccinated – and kids who aren’t?


What Parents Should Know About Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine for Ages 12 and Up

Our physician-in-chief answers all your questions, and explains why you should schedule your child’s vaccine today.

What Are You Most Excited to Get Back To?

From slumber parties to summer camp, we want to hear what your family is counting down to! Snap a photo and share it with Connecticut Children’s.


Which Activities Are Risky When Kids Aren't Vaccinated Yet?

Is your family only partially vaccinated? Here’s your guide to staying safe, with a breakdown of low-, medium- and high-risk activities.

If Everyone But Your Child Is Vaccinated, Is Summer Travel OK?

Before you book your tickets or plan your road trip, check out advice from Connecticut Children’s infectious disease expert.


What to Do About Your Child’s Fear of Needles

Read this before your child’s COVID-19 vaccine to help them (and you) prepare for and stay calm during their appointment.

Is Your Child Struggling With Germ Phobia?

After more than a year spent thinking about germs, resuming pre-pandemic activities could stir up fears for kids. Try these tips.


8 Mental Health Tips for Parents

Children have been struggling with more anxiety and depression lately. To be there for them, parents need to take care of their own mental health.

3 Common Bedtime Challenges and How to Solve Them

Times of transition can disrupt routines, create stress… and derail your child’s sleep schedule. Our sleep psychologist shares advice.


5 Tips for Meal Planning – Including Travel and Dining Out

If your family is venturing back out to restaurants – and even if not – you’ll want to keep these tips in mind for a healthy balance.

Return to Play Safely: Athletes Need 6 Weeks to Get in Shape

Getting back on the field after months off comes with a risk of injury. Here’s how young athletes should safely build back up to full activity.

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