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Center for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Under the direction of Jeffrey Hyams, MD, an international pioneer and leader of advanced inflammatory bowel disease treatments, the Center for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) at Connecticut Children’s is the largest between Boston and New York. Learn more about Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease»

Center for Pediatric Liver Disease

At the Center for Pediatric Liver Disease, a team of physicians, specialty nurses and registered dietitians provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for the full spectrum of acute and chronic diseases of the hepatobiliary systems in infants, children and adolescents. Learn more about Center for Pediatric Liver Disease»

Kids’ Center for Bone Health

The Kids’ Center for Bone Health provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to children of all ages who suffer from metabolic bone diseases, including primary and secondary causes of bone loss. Learn more about the Kids’ Center for Bone Health»


Connecticut Children’s gastroenterology team includes dedicated registered dietitians who specialize in nutrition therapy for infants, children and teenagers affected by conditions of the liver and digestive tract.  Learn more about Nutrition»

Intestinal Rehabilitation Team

The Intestinal Rehabilitation Team, made up of pediatric gastroenterologists, surgeons, registered dietitians, and nurses, provides comprehensive care to infants, children, adolescents and their families with complex intestinal disorders that lead to short bowel syndrome (SBS) and intestinal failure (IF). Learn more about Intestinal Rehabilitation Team»

Special Kids Total Alimentary Rehabilitation Support (STARS)

The Special Kids Total Alimentary Rehabilitation Support (STARS) program provides advanced care and support to children with chronic neuromuscular handicapping disorders that impair nutrition. It combines the expertise of gastroenterologists, nutritionists, and occupational and feeding therapists.  Learn more about STARS»

Fecal Transplantation

The Fecal Transplantation program is for children and adolescents with refractory Clostridium difficile, an infection that can occur after antibiotic exposure and causes chronic diarrhea. Pediatric patients who have failed multiple attempts at antibiotic therapy for this infection are potential candidates for fecal transplantation. Learn more about Fecal Transplantation»

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