The Asthma Center at Connecticut Children’s is located at 12 Charter Oak Place, 2nd floor, Hartford, CT 06106


Easy Breathing©

I am a parent of a six year old son with asthma. Before Easy Breathing was introduced to me, my son was always sick and in the hospital. Being sick made him miss many days of school.

Due to the Easy Breathing program, I have learned many things on how to obtain and follow an asthma treatment plan. I’ve also learned how to control his asthma attacks.

Easy Breathing has also taught me how to care for my son’s asthma supplies. And most important to me, Easy Breathing has taught me all the asthma triggers which has helped me prevent asthma attacks.

I can proudly say because of Easy Breathing, my son had perfect attendance this school year. THANK YOU EASY BREATHING!!

-Katiria Santiago, Mother from Hartford

Easy Breathing© for Schools

Our team is amazing as the partnership that has been built is all for our students and children across our Hartford community.

Let’s continue to communicate and share resources in order to provide various opportunities for our students and families.

-Gerardo Heredia, Principal
SAND School in Hartford

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