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Center for Care Coordination

Connecticut Children’s Center for Care Coordination (the Center) empowers families to advocate for their children and connects families to appropriate medical, behavioral, educational, legal and social services.

Care coordination is a team-based approach designed to meet the needs of children while also strengthening the caregiving capabilities of families through the Protective Factors Framework. It addresses the medical, social, developmental, behavioral, educational and financial needs of families to achieve optimal healthy development for children.

The Center covers the North-Central region of Connecticut.


Services for Families

The Center strives to facilitate comprehensive care to meet the medical and social needs of children and their families. Our team is available to help bridge the gap between families and services.

Services through the Center are complimentary for children and youth birth to 21 years of age, including those with medical, developmental or behavioral conditions and those needing help with basic needs. Our services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Care coordination
  • Communication between care providers
  • Transitional planning (medical, educational, vocational, community)
  • Education
  • Support to parents and providers
  • Benefit coordination
  • Medical home implementation

Services for Community-Based Primary Care Providers

The Center also trains and provides technical support to community-based primary care partners to enhance their capacity to connect children and families to helpful services.

The Center is proud to be the home of several innovations including the Care Coordination Collaborative Model. The Model brings together care coordinators from various child-serving sectors to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work within a comprehensive child health system, decrease the duplication of services and unnecessary visits, and to advocate for policy level solutions to ensure families have access to beneficial services.


Contact Us

For more information about the Center, call 860.837.6200 or toll-free 877.835.5768.

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