Robert Rosenberg, MD, is a weight management specialist in the Division of Surgery at Connecticut Children’s. Dr. Rosenberg’s clinical interests include nutrition, medical management of obesity, and comorbidities of obesity. In his free time, Dr. Rosenberg enjoys playing music and nature hiking.


Tulane University School of Medicine


New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center


New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

  • General Pediatrics, The American Board of Pediatrics
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

  • Olson JE, Holtzman D, Sankar R, Lawson C, Rosenberg R, ‘Octanoic Acid Inhibits Astrocyte Volume Control: Implications for Cerebral Edema in Reye’s Syndrome’, J Neurochem, v52, 1197-1202, 1989.
  • Storer JS, Brown JS, Rosenberg RE, ‘The Use of Pseudomonic Acid (Mupirocin) in Patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa and Its Effect on Wound Healing’, Clinical Research, v34, page 267a, 1986.
  • Demb HB, Papola P, Rosenberg R, Plum E, ‘Atypical Children Followed-up in Adolescence’, Clin Child Psychology and Psychiatry, v3, 1998.
  • Rosenberg R et al, ‘TGF-Beta 1 Hyperexpression in a Rat Cardioallograft Model of Chronic Vascular Rejection’, Abstract, Amer Society of Transplant Physicians, 15th Annual Meeting, 1997.
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