For young athletes to get the full physical, social and emotional benefits of their sport, they need support – at minimum, from their coach, teammates and family. 

But sometimes, kids could also benefit from a pediatric sports medicine expert, from doctors to physical therapists.

Nicholas Giampetruzzi, PT, MSPT, Connecticut Children’s lead sports physical therapist, explains some of the reasons to schedule an appointment or Video Visit today.

You want your athlete to build healthy habits.

The way that your child participates in their sport, from conditioning to competing to resting, can affect their long-term health. A pediatric sports expert, such as Connecticut Children’s sports physical therapists, can educate young athletes about topics that are important to them and their sport.

This includes:

  • Proper mechanics for motions, from daily activities to sport-specific movements
  • Strength and flexibility demands of sports
  • Injury reduction strategies

Many of these services are available by Video Visit.

If your child has experienced any of the warning signs of an overuse injury – which can include pain, swelling or tenderness – the first step is to talk to their coach and primary care pediatrician, apply ice and modify their activity, and make sure they get the appropriate rest and home treatment.

But if pain continues to interfere with their daily activities or sports, you’ll want to check with a sports medicine specialist.

Connecticut Children’s can evaluate and diagnose whether your child has an overuse injury, identify the underlying factors that caused it in the first place, and design a personalized treatment plan to make sure they recover properly.

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Your child has suffered a sports injury.

Sports injuries affect children’s bodies differently than adults’ bodies. So if your child has been injured, whether from wear-and-tear or an acute sports injury, they’ll need care from experts who specialize in pediatrics.

Connecticut Children’s orthopedic surgeons use techniques that avoid damage to growth plates, and our sports physical therapists have advanced training in pediatric-specific treatment plans. For example, our Interval Throwing Program is used to gradually rebuild ball players’ throwing ability after an overuse injury like Little League Shoulder or Little League Elbow.

We also understand the mental, social and emotional impact of a sports injury. Most of us are athletes ourselves. We understand how devastating a sports injury can be to a young athlete. We know how important it is to return kids to the top of their game – safely.

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