Connecticut Children’s has gathered expert advice to keep athletes injury-free – and at the top of their game.

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Michael throwing a shotput

Return to Play Safely: Athletes Need 6 Weeks to Get in Shape

Getting back on the field after months off comes with a risk of injury. Here’s how young athletes should safely build back up to full activity.

A person standing on a track

Overuse Injuries and Kids: Your Questions Answered

Because kids are still growing, they’re at a greater risk for overuse injuries. Here’s what parents and young athletes need to know.

person stretching

Is There a Best Way for Young Athletes to Warm Up for Sports?

A good warm-up is one of the best ways for young athletes to prevent sports injury – as long as they know how to do so correctly. Here are tips.

The 10 Most Common Sports Injuries in Kids

From Little League Shoulder to ACL tears, what should you and your child watch out for, now and every sports season?

woman holding her knee in pain

The 7 Rules of Sports Injury Prevention

There are key strategies to help young athletes prevent injuries – and they’re easy to remember because they all start with the letter S.

When Should Your Child See a Pediatric Sports Expert?

For elite athletes to get the full benefit of their sport, they need support from their coach, team, family – and sometimes, a pediatric expert.

5 Things Young Athletes Should Know About Concussions

From recognizing the signs of concussion to preventing them in the first place, here’s what every young athlete needs to keep in mind.

Two young women out for a jog

Spring Fitness Challenges to Keep Kids, Teens and Athletes Active

With social distancing and changes to sports, some kids need extra motivation to stay active. How about a fitness challenge?

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