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Connecticut Children’s Division of Neonatology is known for our exceptional newborn care – and for providing a supportive, compassionate experience for families when they need it most.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)

Ten to fifteen percent of babies require a stay in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where specialized teams provide care for babies born prematurely or with health challenges.

Connecticut Children’s board-certified physicians, neonatal advanced practitioners and NICU nurses have advanced training in this care, which extends to the tiniest babies with the most complex conditions.

Connecticut Children’s operates two NICUs:

The Region’s Hub for Newborn Care

Through Connecticut Children’s Care Alliances and partnerships with other community health systems, we are bringing our expert care closer to families throughout the region.

Connecticut Children’s board-certified neonatology experts are now providing neonatology care across 14 NICUs and delivery units – ensuring that high quality newborn care is always close to home.

Comprehensive Care With Your Baby at Its Center

As an integrated health system, Connecticut Children’s makes even complex care convenient for families.

Our neonatologists will work closely with your obstetric and maternal-fetal medicine teams as well as other Connecticut Children’s pediatric specialists – such as in pediatric surgery, cardiology, neurology, genetics, and other medical and surgical specialties – to ensure the best care experience for your baby and family.

We all work together to coordinate this care, and help your baby thrive.

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The Future of Newborn Care Starts Here

The best way to stay at the cutting edge of any field is to educate its next generation of leaders.

As a teaching facility, our NICU teams include trainees who are physicians pursuing advanced training in pediatrics or surgical specialties and students from many healthcare disciplines seeking experience in pediatric care. Trainees and students are part of the care team under the direction and supervision of Connecticut Children’s highly trained attending physician specialists.

These strong relationships with academic centers keep Connecticut Children’s at the forefront of advanced treatment options, state-of-the-art technologies, and research innovations.

They’re also a sign of our outstanding outcomes data and quality of care, which go hand-in-hand with the requirements to be a teaching hospital.

Support That Stays With You

two children holding photos of themselves when they were in the NICU When you’re ready to bring your baby home, your care team is with you every step of the way. That includes communicating with your baby’s primary care pediatrician and, if needed, helping you find support for ongoing clinical care needs or community services through Connecticut Children’s Center for Care Coordination

We also provide ongoing newborn-specific care programs at Connecticut Children’s, including:

And of course, Connecticut Children’s experts from more than 30 pediatric specialties will always be available as your baby’s care needs grow and evolve throughout life – close to home at our convenient locations, or right from home by Video Visit.

Research Discoveries for Your Baby’s Brightest Future

Our experts lead research that’s advancing the field of neonatology, from intestinal health in premature babies to reducing brain injury in extremely pre-term infants.
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