Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

About the Care Coordination Collaborative

In 2010, the Hartford Area Care Coordination Collaborative (HCCC) was established as a vehicle to improve communication among diverse programs providing care coordination to children and families; increase the efficiency and effectiveness of care coordination within a comprehensive child health system; and serve as a resource for medical homes seeking community-based services for their families. The goal was to coordinate the coordinators and ensure that children and families were connected to services across several sectors as effectively and efficiently as possible.

HCCC, now known as the North Central Care Coordination Collaborative, has now become the care coordination model for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) services in Connecticut, and is being expanded to address the needs of all vulnerable children.

The Collaborative model brings together the care coordinators from a variety of child serving sectors with regularly scheduled meetings to do the following:

  • Learn, through presentations from area/state resource providers, about services for children and how to help families access them
  • Collectively review challenging cases and develop cross sector solutions to meeting children’s and families’ needs
  • Develop and advocate for policy level solutions to families’ struggles in connecting to services
  • Support pediatric primary care in meeting the care coordination needs of families


The purpose of the North Central Care Coordination Collaborative is to serve families and child health care clinicians in the greater Hartford area in a holistic and efficient manner by identifying and maximizing the full range of resources available and supporting care coordinators in obtaining the care and services needed by children and their families.

In addressing the needs of families, the Collaborative also seeks to understand health and human service delivery systems in order to promote wellness, support the medical home, and assist families in negotiating these systems as well as to document the gaps and barriers that families confront when in need of assistance.


Past and present organizations represented on the Collaborative:

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