Grow Determined: Anthony Continues to Light Up the Room as He Undergoes Treatment for a Relapsed Brain Tumor

Anthony had been in remission for more than three years when a routine MRI scan revealed another ependymoma, his third brain tumor. “It was devastating,” says Jennifer, Anthony’s mom. “Things had been going so well for so long.” To make matters worse, Anthony had already received the maximum amount of radiation during treatment for the two previous brain tumors, so this time Eileen Gillan, MD, a hematologist and oncologist in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Connecticut Children’s, needed to come up with a different regimen.

Dr. Gillan proposed trying metronomic therapy, which uses low doses of chemotherapy drugs over many months. “When she keeps fighting on, it inspires me to keep fighting on too,” Anthony says, talking about Dr. Gillan’s quest to devise the best treatment plan for him. The feelings are mutual. “Every time he walks into this clinic, he just lights everybody up,” says Dr. Gillan. “We realize the joy and the reason why we do what we do. He is just such a loving kid. It’s a pleasure to take care of him.”

Nearly two years after starting treatment for the relapsed tumor, Anthony, now 13, is doing remarkably well. Watch the video below to learn more about Anthony’s story and his never-ending determination to fight cancer.

Contact our Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders team to learn more about how we can help children with brain tumors. 

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