4 Ways to Celebrate a Socially Distant Baby Shower During COVID-19

Here at Connecticut Children’s, we’re huge fans of everything baby-related. That includes making a big deal when there’s a new baby on the way!

The pandemic has changed the playbook for a traditional shower – no more huddling over one diaper-decorating station or squeezing onto the same couch for games. But you can still organize something special for the mom-to-be.

Here are four versions to choose from.

1. Staggered in-person shower

  • Find an outdoor venue or a big indoor space, and break guests into “mini-showers” with just two or three people per session. Have guests come in staggered shifts.
  • Note on the invitation that masks are mandatory, and make it clear that if anyone’s feeling sick, they should stay home!
  • Set up seating in advance – lawn chairs in a park, or sofas and chairs arranged at least six feet apart indoors.
  • Have everyone wash or sanitize hands upon arrival and before serving themselves any refreshments.
  • Provide single-serving refreshments (no communal buffets, please) or skip food and drinks all together.

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2. Drive-by baby shower

  • Invite friends to create signs, decorate their cars and cruise by the mom-to-be’s house. Bonus points for blasting mom-to-be’s favorite music.
  • This can be parade-style, or you can schedule 15-minute windows for each car to drive up, have some one-on-one time (from a distance, with a mask), and drop off a gift or special message.
  • Have a back-up plan in case weather doesn’t permit curbside socializing. For example, have guests drop a gift off on the porch or another covered area and dash – all the love, zero contact!

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3. Video baby shower

  • Plan a virtual event using a video chat app like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Skype.
  • Identify a host to move the shower along, and make sure that invites have specific information about how to access the virtual event. Some guests may be newer to video chats, to it’s also a good idea to share tips like where to place the camera and the importance of finding a quiet place without a lot of background noise.
  • Divide the event into different activities much like you’d do in person, with chunks of time for guests to socialize, play online quizzes and games (think: “celebrity baby name game”), and have mom-to-be show off the baby’s nursery or do a virtual gender reveal.
  • Instead of a guest book, create an online “group card” using a website like kudoboard.com, Trello, Google Drive, Slack, Zoho or Microsoft OneNote. Invite everyone to fill it with messages, GIFs, videos and photos for the new mom, and create shared documents with titles like “Why You’ll Be a Great Mom” and “Advice for Baby” for everyone to fill out.

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4. Group care package

  • Ask family and friends to send snail-mail cards over a one- or two-week period, so mom-to-be gets a series of surprises in her mailbox.
  • In lieu of an event, organize a group gift. For example, get friends to chip in on a professional (socially distant) photo shoot to capture this sweet time in pregnancy.
  • Send a “pregnancy spa day” package filled with everything mom-to-be needs for a day of pampering, like bath salts, face masks, essential oils in her favorite scent, tea, and a pretty candle. To complete the effect, include a link to a soothing playlist on your favorite streaming music platform.
  • With all the complications of the pandemic, when was the last time mom-to-be got to have a fancy dinner – but in the comfort (and total safety) of home? Coordinate a gift card for a restaurant near her that offers takeout or delivery, or let her know in advance which day her dinner will be taken care of, and drop off a special homemade meal. (This also is a great way to send love once the baby’s born!)

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While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, an alternative baby shower is a safe and supportive way to celebrate the mom-to-be in your life. Everyone can look forward to a more conventional get-together once the pandemic is over – this time, with a new baby to welcome to the world.

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